Join in Celebrating Lauren Singrossi……

Please join Dr. Singrossi celebrate her daughter, Lauren Singrossi for opening a private practice in Mental Health Counseling, and in honoring her hard work, dedication and professionalism, leadership and commitment to excellence.  Miss Lauren can be reached at

Lauren creates a safe place for her clients to identify, clarify, and explore the reasons they are not functioning to their potential.  She counsels individuals, couples, adolescents and families.  Lauren also provides group counseling in her Windermere office for adolescents.  Anyone interested in making an appointment with Lauren can reach her by email or phone. Information is made available on the link provided.


Dr. Singrossi


You’ve done it again Amber!

1656651.jpgAmber, Thank you so much for all of that awesome advice. Most people would just give me a sentence or two and leave it as that. You really opened my eyes and showed me the things that I really need to think about most. So glad I have you to run to whenever I need some sound advise regarding real-estate. xoxo


Rewarding Experience

Rewarding Experience……
Today is an emotional day here at my office. I have a patient who has been seeing Abby, (my therapy dog,Image a golden retriever) in an Individual therapy setting for about 5 months now. Abby has made great strides with this patient when no other therapies were working. Her parents came to me and asked if I would work with their daughter and with Abby since she had her own golden years and years ago. They thought possibly Abby could help her. This patient is with me today and with Abby and she has spent the hour with tears, taking pictures of them to take with her and talking about the healing Abby has helped her accomplish. This brought tears to my eyes. This is why I do what I do with Abby. The reward is a beautiful thing. Dr. Singrossi

1656651.jpgTips on Adjusting to a new school

Moving from one home to another can be difficult for school children, even under the best of conditions.

While Dr. Singrossi deals with these concerns in her private practice, located in Windermere, Florida, she decided to ask her daughter-in-law, Amber Haas, for her insight and expertise on this subject.  Amber is a real-estate agent for Keller Williams, Montclair, NJ.  She deals with families on a daily basis and helps the prospective buyer find the right home for families, including all the neighborhood amenities.  Being a mom herself, Amber knows how important it is for children to transition into a new area and home.  Will I get along with my new teacher?  Will I make friends easily?  Who will I talk to at recess? Will I be behind the other kids?  Making new friends, meeting new teachers, learning different subjects and finding new classrooms in a campus that is unfamiliar are just some of the obstacles a new student has to overcome.  Amber has some tips on helping children adjust to a new school and how you as a parent can help make this a smooth and painless transition.

Amber suggests getting phone numbers for the local YMCA or Scout troop. She says this is a good place to start.  And, don’t forget to call the school.   Meet teachers before the first day.  Seeing that familiar face on the big day can make a huge difference to your child and relieve a lot of anxiety.

Continuing family traditions is especially important.   Show your family that not everything in their lives has changed.  It will make them feel safe and secure.

She also suggests encouraging your child to keep in touch with friends from the old neighborhood and school via phone calls, emails or even Skype.  Make sure your child is balancing time spent with new friends and time reconnecting with those left behind. Once school has started, encourage your child to join a school activity

For most children, it takes almost 6-8 weeks to settle into a new school.  If at all possible, drive him/her to school for at least the first week.  Having daily chats about their fears and concerns will show your loving support.  Giving them the time they need, supporting and loving them is what is important.  And, before you know it, your children will become comfortable and happy in their new school.

Thanks so much Amber. For more questions you may have on making a move an easy transition, contact Amber Haas at:


Marriage is in Trouble?

So, you realize your marriage is in trouble!  With the many daily demands which leave you feeling overwhelmed, sadness sets in along with feelings of anxiety, feeling alone, depressed, lack of sleep, irritable.   Then there are the kids schedules with all the demands that go along with that, pulling you in 10 different directions. There is your boss putting unrealistic expectations on you,  not forgetting endless house chores.  When you do get a minute to break away, its usually a girls night out, or a guys night out.  It’s just easier that way.  So, now that you realize your marriage might be in trouble, in and out of the bedroom. You ask,  “where do we start? can this even be fixed”?

That always seems to be asked during  couples counseling in my Windermere office5302114204_a805aa4ca0_z1.jpg.
Dr. Singrossi, It’s been so hectic trying to keep up with our daily lives,  we have lost touch with each other. We hear of so many couples getting a divorce these days and we want to prevent that from happening to us.  It scares us! How could we have let it get this bad”?
Well, let me first say you’re not alone.  Also, realizing your marriage is in trouble is the first step.  One suggestion is to start having date night. Once a week for starters. Now, before you reply by saying thats impossible, let me clarify. Date night simply means the two of you spending time together.  That being said, no mention of the kids, chores , financial worries or any such issue need to be discussed. The goal here is to focus on getting back in touch with your feelings, you’re desires, your hobbies, each other.  Talk about things you might like doing together. Date night can take place anywhere. In a restaurant, or the privacy of your home, or even as simple as in your own bath tub. Set the ambience as romantic as you like. Maybe some candles, dim lighting,  soft music with a glass of wine. I think you get the picture. Ask yourselves, when was the last time you two laughed together? Or,  what did you enjoy doing together? When did you last hold hands? Or sit on the couch together while watching a t.v show. Or give a morning kiss, hello.    Other suggestions might be taking a walk together either in your own neighborhood or at a local tourist site. Maybe just laying in bed at night and yes, with all electronics off!   Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have date night. The idea here is to reconnect emotionally and then physically.  One step at a time.
 I would love to hear your story and your ideas.  If you’d like to share, blog it. Remember, couples counseling can be a great tool in helping your marriage get back on track. Reach out. Find the right therapist for you.  Your worth it

Family Counseling

If your family is experiencing …

Difficulties interacting with each other
Financial hardships
Loss of job or income
Sickness and/or death
A troubled teen
You may want to consider family counseling. A problem experienced by anyone in the family can affect other members also. 


Is it the Stigma of Mental Health which keeps young adults from seeking help?

Mental health problems are highly common among young adults, with up to 25% experiencing a mental health problem in a given year. Despite this high prevalence, young adults are particularly unlikely to seek help and, as a result, many do not receive adequate care. Research shows that stigma and negative beliefs about mental health care play a fundamental role in the decision to engage  in care.  To understand why young adults are particularly unlikely to seek treatment, it is important to determine the specific beliefs of young adults with mental illness. Since the tendency of young adults is to avoid seeking help, innovative ways of hearing from these hard-to-reach young adults need to be explored. That is one reason Dr. Singrossi offers internet counseling,  as an alternate to those who do not or can not counsel the traditional way.  Her website is:  Feel free to contact Dr. Singrossi if this is your preference.